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A Brief History of Challenge Coins

Challenge coins, also called military coins, have a rich history. Many claimed that it was originated from the World War I; others argued that it was years before that. According to some sources, challenge coins are as old as metal.

The reason why they became popular in World War I is the story associated with it. It was said that an American pilot was saved because of these military coins that bear the insignia of his squadron. That story inspired the different military units and organizations to create a coin that represent their units.


Why was it called challenge coins? It is because of the game created from it, the “Coin Check”. It is usually done when the military units are finished with their duties. A challenger will challenge another member of his unit to present his coin. If the challenged carried the coin with him and was able to present it, the challenger has to buy him a drink; otherwise, the challenged has to buy his entire unit a drink. If the challenger or the challenged fail to do their consequence, they shall turn in their coin.

Military coins are also used to commemorate events and special services. They are the usual tokens for the outstanding units and members of military. They are also used as souvenirs for the war veterans. Many men and women in the service were actually collecting these coins.

Customizing Challenge Coins

Challenge coins achieve popularity after the advancement in manufacturing processes. Here at, we use the most efficient and high-tech equipment to ensure that we are able to cater to our customers’ needs. We always produce quality military and challenge coins.

Also, we encourage our customers to customize their coins. Anyone can now create their own coins that would serve as their organizations’ insignia. Custom challenge coins can be used for any purpose. They are useful for both profitable and non-profitable organizations. Even special organizations can employ custom coins to represent them.

Our talented team of designers here at can help you, customers, find ideas and create the design for your special custom coins. You can now customize not only the design of the coin, but the coin itself.

Here is a guide to help you.

1. Choose your coins.

All of our coins are made of metal. What type of metal to use is up to you. We have polished metals of gold, silver, brass, and copper. Polished metals have gleaming effect. They are usually for recognition purposes.


We also have antique metals of gold, silver, brass, and copper. These materials are perfect for souvenir coins. Historical military coins are usually antique. Coin collectors like these kinds of coins more that the polished ones. We also offer duo tone metals and black nickel metals.

2. Choose the shape of your coins.

Coins are traditionally circular but know that not everyone opt for traditional. For that reason, we give our customers a freedom to alter the shape of their coins. You may have it in square, diamond, oblong, triangle, or heart shape. If you want to go bolder, we can follow the outline of your design to act as the shape of your coin.

You can have a challenge coin in the shape of a house, shoe, cup, bag, ribbon, animal, tree, fruit, and etc.

3. Choose the cut edge of your military coins.

For customers who want more elegance on their coins, we offer our different kinds of cut edge. This option is ideal for traditional circular coins that you want to elevate. Cut edges give the coins attractive borders that are also engraved on the coins.

You may choose our standard edge if you opt for a minimalistic design; otherwise, pick from rope cut edge, weave cut edge, oblique cut edge, and cross cut edge.

4. Choose your coins’ image or logo.

Here at, we give our customers full freedom to create their design or the image and texts that are to be applied on their custom coins. Although, as mentioned, we have a design team that is always willing to guide you. They will inform you if there is a problem with your chosen design like for example, it is too intricate to be legible or the color combination is not ideal. The font styles and sizes are also up to you.

5. Choose your coins’ case.

Challenge CoinA little trivia: the coin carried by the American pilot back in World War I was inside a small leather pouch that he attached around his neck. Special coins, of course, are intended to be placed on special cases as well.

Our standard case is a clear PVC pouch. It is ideal for those who are in a budget. The case will protect your custom coins from dust and dirt. If you are to give the coin to your friends or family members, it is best to put them on customized imprinted clear pouch. We also have velvet boxes and bags, and fit-to-shape cases.