All About Hybrid Golf Clubs

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Hybrid golf clubs are a relatively new addition to the ever-evolving golf club technology. Hybrid clubs, in a nutshell, are meant to combine the best aspects of woods and irons in one club. The result is entirely new golf equipment that’s gaining popularity among recreational golfers, and even most pros.

Brief Description of Hybrids

hybrid-golf-clubsThe main advantage that hybrid golf clubs bring lies in their club-faces. While ordinary irons have smaller club-faces that make hitting the ball quite difficult, hybrids instead have wider club-faces that are very similar to fairway woods, only slightly angled downward for easier movement across rough surfaces (another quality of irons). Also, hybrids incorporate a shorter shaft that makes its swinging mechanic quite easy, unlike fairway woods, which have longer shafts. Fairway woods have a swing mechanic that can be quite tough to master for recreational golfers.

These combination of elements from both irons and woods result in increased airborne duration and distance, while at the same time lessening the effects of any swing mistakes.

Adjustment of Hybrid Clubs

Some hybrid golf clubs, especially earlier models, are also adjustable, making it possible to modify the club’s weight distribution and loft angle according to the player’s discretion. This can easily be achieved by using an Allen wrench and following the steps bellow:

First, turn the hybrid club upside down, and check to see if there is any hole in the club head, as well as near the part where the club head and the shaft connects. If there is, then your hybrid club is adjustable. If holes aren’t present, then your club isn’t capable of adjusting itself, and you need to consult a pro shop if you wanted to have some adjustments done on your club.

To adjust the pull of the swing and the weight of the club, slide an Allen wrench into one of the holes that’s located on the bottom on the club head. You can then simply remove the weights located in it by turning the wrench counter-clockwise. If you remove the weight on the hole near the shaft, it’ll cause the club to pull away from you during your swing. If you remove the weight on the hole in the opposite side, it’ll cause the club to pull towards you. If you see a third hole in the middle of them, removing the weight in it will simply reduce the weight of the entire hybrid, affecting the pull of the swing.

To adjust the loft angle of the club head, locate the hole on the side of the club, again around the area where the club head connects to the shaft. Once you’ve seen it, insert the Allen wrench into it, and turn it clockwise to increase the loft angle of the club, or turn it counter-clockwise to decrease it. Take note that an adjustable hybrid can only alter its loft angle up to around two to three degrees. If you need an angle that’s more than that, it’s best to find a specific club instead.

Hybrid’s Usage

Generally, a hybrid golf club’s usage is quite similar to an iron. Some even view hybrids as a total replacement for traditional long irons of the same number, since they’re much easier to hit the ball with in areas where irons are needed. Some players still keep a few irons in their golf bags, though, especially when the course is full of tall grass which can make it difficult for hybrids, due to their “wood-like” club heads.

hybrid club

Some even note that hybrid golf clubs are also perfect replacements for fairway woods, but this can easily be dismissed. In general, a fairway wood’s advantage is that it’ll still generate better distance for the ball because it offers greater club speed.

Due to these advantages, it’s quite common for golfers nowadays, recreational golfers and pros alike, to always have at least one hybrid club in their lineups. Some even carry a full set of hybrid golf clubs in their course runs, and if you want to buy new hybrid golf clubs then visit our page

PCBs, Your Imagination And

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Technology and PCBs

The world today can best be characterized by the abundance of sophisticated and ingenious man-made marvels which we use for, and in, our everyday existence in our planet. Anywhere we turn to, in every house, street and building, these technological creations are present, and they have long integrated themselves into our lives. They are everywhere, from what we would consider most common (cellphones, clocks, and laptops, etc.), to the more complicated ones (computer networks, ordering systems, and traffic lights, etc.), to the seriously important gadgets (pacemakers, satellites, etc.), and finally to the most outer-worldly inventions (space telescopes, military avionics, etc.).PCB

These are all products of our imagination, physical equivalents of the idea, concept, or notion that originally represented them. Of course, we know what all these technology share in common – they all have printed circuit boards (PCBs) embedded inside them. These PCBs themselves were, in some way, byproducts of someone’s intellect. Someone, somewhere, had to think of the circuit design and layout, and produce the PCB so that the end products would come about.

If it is your business to create these devices and machines, then you should, among others, have reliable, top-of-the-line, and affordable PCBs. For that, we offer you, with full confidence and certainty, your team at

Why choose us

Rest assured, your team at will provide you top-class service at all stages of the acquisition process. From placing your order, through the actual creation of the PCB, and until delivery of your board to your doorstep, we will be there to ensure we meet your requirements and provide you value-adding service.

1. An Option for Online Quoting

To make transactions more convenient for you, we have enabled our website ( to take your board specifications and requirements, instead of the traditional means of providing us your designs. Of course, you may still send us the Gerber files and your other documentation, and we’ll take them in and get back to you with the same promptness. However, using our online quoting system should certainly make things a lot easier for you. Besides, you will be taking part in this historic attempt at revolutionizing the PCB ordering process (by bringing the quotation process online).

2. Will ask questions when in doubt

We want to make sure that we create the board that you exactly need, so we’ll ask you questions if and when we have any uncertainty. We can discuss them with you over the phone, saving your time if the questions were coursed through email.

3. Standards-compliant Manufacturing Process

We take pride in our excellent manufacturing capabilities. We have an expert and experienced team who will produce your PCBs, no matter how simple or complex the designs may be. We use state-of-the-art equipment, and we work in the cleanest environments. All these make sure that we meet the standards set by the IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries concerning the production of Class 2 PCBs.

4. Excellent support

Our technical expertise will be for naught if you are not satisfied with our overall service. That is why throughout the process, you can be certain that our friendly, attentive and dedicated customer representatives will be available at all times. You just have to give them a call and they will take matters from thereon.

PCB designers
5. On time delivery

We will deliver your PCBs as scheduled. Of course, we do our best to deliver and get back to you in the shortest time possible.  We understand that there are times when matters have to be expedited, and we will, as best as we can, try to help you make your respective cutoffs.

6. Affordable and reasonable rates

We understand your cost restrictions and so we pegged our rates at what we think are the most reasonable and affordable figures. We also understand that businesses have their off-seasons, and so, you may, in those instances, tell us your preferred bids for your PCBs, and we’ll take them into consideration in pricing.

If you need proof of our service, our commitment and dedication to our clients, and our technical expertise in the field of PCB production, our over 30 years of experience and our countless customers can attest to these. Feel free to check out our website at

Your Guide In Customizing Coins At

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A Brief History of Challenge Coins

Challenge coins, also called military coins, have a rich history. Many claimed that it was originated from the World War I; others argued that it was years before that. According to some sources, challenge coins are as old as metal.

The reason why they became popular in World War I is the story associated with it. It was said that an American pilot was saved because of these military coins that bear the insignia of his squadron. That story inspired the different military units and organizations to create a coin that represent their units.


Why was it called challenge coins? It is because of the game created from it, the “Coin Check”. It is usually done when the military units are finished with their duties. A challenger will challenge another member of his unit to present his coin. If the challenged carried the coin with him and was able to present it, the challenger has to buy him a drink; otherwise, the challenged has to buy his entire unit a drink. If the challenger or the challenged fail to do their consequence, they shall turn in their coin.

Military coins are also used to commemorate events and special services. They are the usual tokens for the outstanding units and members of military. They are also used as souvenirs for the war veterans. Many men and women in the service were actually collecting these coins.

Customizing Challenge Coins

Challenge coins achieve popularity after the advancement in manufacturing processes. Here at, we use the most efficient and high-tech equipment to ensure that we are able to cater to our customers’ needs. We always produce quality military and challenge coins.

Also, we encourage our customers to customize their coins. Anyone can now create their own coins that would serve as their organizations’ insignia. Custom challenge coins can be used for any purpose. They are useful for both profitable and non-profitable organizations. Even special organizations can employ custom coins to represent them.

Our talented team of designers here at can help you, customers, find ideas and create the design for your special custom coins. You can now customize not only the design of the coin, but the coin itself.

Here is a guide to help you.

1. Choose your coins.

All of our coins are made of metal. What type of metal to use is up to you. We have polished metals of gold, silver, brass, and copper. Polished metals have gleaming effect. They are usually for recognition purposes.


We also have antique metals of gold, silver, brass, and copper. These materials are perfect for souvenir coins. Historical military coins are usually antique. Coin collectors like these kinds of coins more that the polished ones. We also offer duo tone metals and black nickel metals.

2. Choose the shape of your coins.

Coins are traditionally circular but know that not everyone opt for traditional. For that reason, we give our customers a freedom to alter the shape of their coins. You may have it in square, diamond, oblong, triangle, or heart shape. If you want to go bolder, we can follow the outline of your design to act as the shape of your coin.

You can have a challenge coin in the shape of a house, shoe, cup, bag, ribbon, animal, tree, fruit, and etc.

3. Choose the cut edge of your military coins.

For customers who want more elegance on their coins, we offer our different kinds of cut edge. This option is ideal for traditional circular coins that you want to elevate. Cut edges give the coins attractive borders that are also engraved on the coins.

You may choose our standard edge if you opt for a minimalistic design; otherwise, pick from rope cut edge, weave cut edge, oblique cut edge, and cross cut edge.

4. Choose your coins’ image or logo.

Here at, we give our customers full freedom to create their design or the image and texts that are to be applied on their custom coins. Although, as mentioned, we have a design team that is always willing to guide you. They will inform you if there is a problem with your chosen design like for example, it is too intricate to be legible or the color combination is not ideal. The font styles and sizes are also up to you.

5. Choose your coins’ case.

Challenge CoinA little trivia: the coin carried by the American pilot back in World War I was inside a small leather pouch that he attached around his neck. Special coins, of course, are intended to be placed on special cases as well.

Our standard case is a clear PVC pouch. It is ideal for those who are in a budget. The case will protect your custom coins from dust and dirt. If you are to give the coin to your friends or family members, it is best to put them on customized imprinted clear pouch. We also have velvet boxes and bags, and fit-to-shape cases.


Step by Step Method in Attaching Iron on Patches

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Iron on patches is usually made of sturdy embroidered material with an adhesive backing. The adhesive backing is usually attached on another thin layer of fabric and not directly attached to the embroidered cloth. The goal is to apply heat to the adhesive backing, and allow it to melt so that it would properly stick to the garment.

Iron on patches is usually attached on sturdier cloth materials, such as wool, cotton and linen fabrics. These are usually fabrics of pants, duffel bags, backpacks, uniforms or cloth hats. It is not advisable to attach them on lighter fabrics, such as nylon or silk.

Here are the specific steps in attaching the patches on fabrics:

1.    Make sure that the garment where you plan to attach the patch is clean. If possible, wash and dry the garment before attaching it.

2.    Set the temperature of the iron and wait for it to reach the desired temperature. There is a temperature guide on how hot the iron is. The temperature of the iron actually depends on the type of fabric. For wool, the iron has to be 300 degrees Fahrenheit. For cotton, it has to be 400 degrees Fahrenheit. For linen fabrics, it has to be 445 degrees Fahrenheit.

Important reminder: In attaching an iron on patch, it is advisable not to do it on an ironing board and with a steam iron. An ironing board has a soft surface, and it is not ideal for applying the patch because the heat from the iron will dissipate. Instead of an ironing board, use a flat, hard surface. The iron’s steam will add moisture, so the patch will not stick to the garment.

3.    Place a thick cloth on the flat, hard surface. An ideal type of thick cloth is a terry cloth used on bathrobes and towels.

4.    Position the patch on the desired location on the garment. Make sure to flatten the garment firmly on the surface to avoid unnecessary creasing. In this case, you may do trial and error runs to find the most ideal location and proper placement for your patch.

5.    Cover the entire patch with a pressing cloth. You may also use a Teflon ironing sheet. A Teflon ironing sheet will prevent scorching of the garment and will allow the transfer of high heat.

6.    Making sure that the iron is hot, press the iron on the cloth firmly. Make sure the iron is not moved.

7.    Press the iron firmly for about 30 to 35 seconds onto the garment. For heavier fabrics, press the iron for a few more seconds, approximately around 40 to 45 seconds. Make sure that all unheated areas are covered.

8.    Let the garment cool down, then turn inside out and press the iron again for about 20 seconds. Do this to reinforce the attachment of the patch on the fabric.

9.    In washing a garment with an iron on patch, it is highly recommend using a gentle spin cycle on the washing machine. Use cold water. Make sure to turn the garment inside out while washing.

10.    Hang the garment to dry the regular way. Wring the garment and do not use the dryer. When the garment with the iron on patch has been washed a couple of times, check if it is still in place. If the patch has lifted in several places, just repeat the ironing process to reattach it.

Iron on patches

You can use any iron-on patch design on a garment. There are various designs available in the market today, and with mass production of embroidered patches, it is also possible to customize your iron on patches. We, at, offer customized embroidered iron on patches at reasonable prices. If you are interested to have a custom-made patch for your organization or for personal decorative use, visit our website and contact us. We create high quality patches based on your design and preferences.

The True Worth of Long Island Foreclosure Attorneys

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Notice-of-Foreclosure-Stop-Foreclosure800x600To be clear, when we talk about Long Island foreclosure attorney, we mean home loan foreclosure. Now, it is undisputed that for majority of individuals, the most significant and high valued purchase they will make, is a family home i.e. house and lot, condominium, townhouse, apartment complex, etc. The bottom line is you purchase a property involving a house and a lot, and you are named as an owner.

Again, for majority of homebuyers, the purchase of real estate property is usually done via mortgage. In other words, a bank/lender forwards the full purchase price to the seller, and you undertake to pay the bank/lender stated number instalments, for a specific period of time, comprising of the principal and interest.

In case you fail to pay a specific number of instalments, the bank/lender sends you a couple of warning letters. If you are still unable to pay, you are sent a notice of foreclosure. Again, if you are unable to pay, the bank/lender will undergo the appropriate procedure that will divest you of ownership and possession of the property subject of the mortgage.
When Do You Need a Long Island foreclosure attorney?

Most of you will probably answer this way “When you are under threat of foreclosure”. You aren’t wrong of course. But the services of a Long Island foreclosure attorney is also relevant even prior to or during the negotiations for the mortgage. Why is that?

First, by law, banks and lenders are duty bound to explain to you in detail every aspect of the mortgage. The problem is, this rarely happens. To be honest, the homebuyer is partly to blame. This is because they tend to faint full understanding while the lender let’s it go at that.How-to-get-the-business-loan-in-India (1)

By hiring a foreclosure attorney, or at least consulting with one, you are given useful bits of information that we like to call red flags. By knowing these bits of info, you get to ask the right question and the lender is forced to admit to a few embarrassing bits of information.

For example: You apply for a home loan and are pre-approved for what is known as an Adjustable Rate Mortgage. The low interest rate is so appealing that you think it is a good idea. You are lulled into the a sense of confidence. You can pay for a home loan! Yes you understand that after the 5 year fixed period your interest rate will be recomputed. But you believe that the recomputation will be somewhere near your initial fixed rate.

For example: the 5 year fixed period for your ARM loan is 7.22%. So you expect anywhere around 8% after the recomputation. The problem is, in most cases you’ll be lucky to get 12% interest rate after recomputation. There have been horror stories about a jump of more than 2 digits from the initial fixed rate to the recomputation. It gets worst. The recomputation happens several times during the lifetime of the loan.images (9)

By consulting with a Long Island foreclosure attorney, you get a different perspective of how home loans work. You get to ask questions to a disinterested third party who has expertise in what the law demands of banks and lenders as well as your rights and duties as a buyer of real estate. All these information that you get forms part of your due diligence.

The bottom line is, in the grand scheme of things, how much is $500 dollars when you consider the value of the property you are purchasing. Is it not better to spend a little bit more just to make sure that you get the best deal possible and are given fair warning on specific aspects of your loan contract?